About us
CAMRY has over four decades of manufacturing tradition.Each scale under the CAMRY Logo boasts excellent workmanship,accurate measurements and sleek design.That is the reason why our products have become best-sellers in the US,Europe,Japan and South Korea.

CAMRY factory covers 107,000 m2 ( say:151,138ft2),located in surburb of beatiful
city-Zhongshan.Inside our more than 90.000 m2(say:968,751ft2)production area,our 3,000 staff in 29
assembly lines produce more than 2.5 million scales mouthly.Our quality reputation is guaranteed from
responsible 35 IQC,40 QA and 180 sets of quality testing machines.

Quality Testing Machines

● Universal Material Testing Machine

● Cardboard Break-resistant Strength

Testing Machine

● Central Pressure Testing Machine

● All type of EMC Testing Machine

● XRF Quick Screening Machine

● Sclerometer Machine

● Weight Checking Machine

● Fatigue Testing Machine

● Alternating Temperature and Humidity

Test Chamber

● Constant Temperature and Humidity

Testing Room

● Drop Test Machine

● Transport Package Simulation

CAMRY cooperating with famous design firms are offering 45 new designs each year.From our wide range of 450 bathroom,kitchen and other household scales,global buyers can always find our products hot selling.CAMRY also partners with three universities tc advance technology upgrade and designs innovation
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